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Petrone external gear pumps are designed with a geometry able to achieve high volumetric and mechanical efficiency, which provide an effective energy savings in terms of mechanical power absorbed.

The high volumetric efficiency allows to minimize the internal leakages, thereby maximising the efficiency in any working condition. Specific compensation areas into flange and cover, insulated by special gaskets reinforced with anti-extrusion.

Structural simplicity, reduced dimensions, high performance are all features which make Petrone gear pumps particularly competitive for applications in the various industries.

Petrone gear pumps represent the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. The possibility of a large configuration in terms of drive shafts, doors, valves of various types and covers make our product particularly versatile. The range of aluminum products involved mdular pumps manufactured through a coupling kit.

Petrone’s strength lies in the ability to customize the product conforming to the specific customer needs.

Thanks to a special finishing process, Petrone external gear pumps significantly reduce the hydraulic pulsation of the oil flow by reducing the noise emission, and are therefore used in all mobile equipment and industrial applications where superior acoustic comfort is a requirement.




In the presence of strong combined axial and radial loads, the gear pump can be flanged with bearing supports, which allow it to be driven by belts, chains or other type of transmission, without compromising its efficiency.

valvola massima pressione


To protect the hydraulic pump from an uncontrolled increase in pressure, which could cause it to break, a maximum pressure valve can be housed directly in the rear cover of the same hydraulic pump.