Thanks to long experience in the hydraulic field, Petrone designs and manufactures special single-acting, doubleacting, telescopic hydraulic cylinders for the most varied applications according to customer needs.

Some of these special cylinders are used in the marine industry (TRIM cylinders and AISI304 hydraulic cylinders), in industrial and agricultural sectors (milling plants suitable to process durum or common wheat ) and in the storage sector (cylinders for port hopper).


Thanks to a consulting process, which starts with the collection and detailed analysis of customer needs, the hydraulic cylinders, custom-built and customized according to technical drawings provided by the customer, are entirely produced within the company. The design department, in conjunction with the sales department, assists the client in creating an effective, adequate and economically satisfactory solution for the application. Furthermore, at the customer’s request, Petrone can fill the cylinders with specific oil.
Hydraulic cylinders can have bores up to 600 mm and max operating pressures up to 500 bar. The hydraulic cylinder is assembled exclusively by qualified personnel. In support of the assembly activity, the overall technical drawings and the relative assembly instructions constantly updated are made available.
At the end of the assembly phase, the cylinders are subjected to an hydraulic testing cycle on a specific test bench, in order to guarantee their tightness and correct operation.