Where it is necessary to equalize or divide the flow, Petrone Oleodinamica offers its flow dividers to transmit power with cost effective technical solutions. They are modular and available with relief and/or anti-cavitation valves.

For some special applications, we can supply the flow divider with stages of different size groups to handle even very different flow rates. The displacement of the flow dividers varies between 4 cm³/rev and 26 cm³/rev and the maximum pressures reach 300 bar.


These components can be used as flow equalizers, flow dividers and pressure intensifiers. It is possible to combine several flow dividers in series to simplify the construction of a plant
To get an optimization of the hydraulic circuits in terms of simplification and lightness of the plant, Petrone has equipped the dividers with relief valves and anticavitation valves. These components consist of two or more sections connected internally with a shaft, allowing a constant ratio between the flow rates circulating within each element and proportional to the displacements.
Flow dividers are non-dissipative theoretical components. In fact, if at the exit of a section, the pressure is lower than the inlet, the section behaves like a motor and draws energy from the fluid. The energy, thus withdrawn, is not dissipated in heat, but, through the common shaft, it is used in other sections, functioning as pumps, in which the outlet pressure is higher than the inlet pressure.