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Pumps The Hig/Low double gear pump is used in the ...

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We produce external gear pumps  in group 2 and group 3 version. Our pumps are directly made up into our workshop, using a huge and up-date machine tools set. Every pump is tested paying attention to the efficiency values only those according to our restrictive standards are then stamped and added to our finished product store. Our pumps have these characteristics:
  • Quick lead time, i.e. max 10 working days for standard models and max 30-40 days for the special ones;
  • Flexibility in terms of quantity: even only one product could be produced;
  • Multiple gear pumps version availability, simply by mounting a coupling kit;
  • Many kind of configurations and high possibility of customization.

On specific requests, Petrone Oleodinamica  plans and produces simple- and double-effect cylinders, made up of steel or stainless steel, with cylinder’s bores up to 600 mm and max operating pressures up to 500 bar. After the manufacturing stage,  cylinders are tested at a pressure 1,5 higher than the required pressure.
Petrone Oleodinamica produces mini-power steering units for every type of hydraulic applications, between the planning and the manufacturing stages, unless to the after-sale support. The technical office plans these power units, starting from the specific customerís requests. Projects are realized through the implementation of latest 3D CAD softwares, in order to guarantee precision, clearness and flexibility. The assembling of these units, which requires the use of graduated handling tools, is done by a skilled labourís team. Each power steering units is then tested and fitted with a data sheet, containing its hydraulic scheme, the components list, its 3D layout, a user maintenance manual and the conformance statement.

Petrone Oleodinamica deals with the analysis, the planning and the making of hydraulic components, that are integral parts of every industrial equipments.
According to the customer’s machinery data (machinery cycle) supply, an outline plan is carried out. It is then used for a first bid and it is subjected to the customer’s approval.
Then, a final layout is drawn up and the production stage takes place. The system is painted, if it’s needed, and finally tested. In addition, we supply a user manual and a maintenance manual too, including the technical report and the manufacturer’s declaration, as required by the "Direttiva Macchine 2006/42/CE".
Leader in the hydraulic fields from fifty years yet,  Petrone Oleodinamica repairs and overhauls every type of hydraulic components, both new and out of production. In order to guarantee a perfect work, components are tested on provided test-beds, which simulate the rigorous conditions of use.
Moreover, Petrone Oleodinamica supplies overhauled parts, ready for installation and use.
Thanks to its skilled team, we offer technical on-site assistance.
In order to satisfy the specific customer’s needs, Petrone Oleodinamica sells also hydraulic components of other manufacturers.